About Us

About Us

The human brain is loaded with 34 GB of information daily. no includes is mobile phone usage, Internet, emails, TV, radio, newspapers, books, social media etc.

On top of that 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created each day across the world – and the number is growing. 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last 2 years.

It’s no wonder people are feeling overwhelmed! And while many businesses report wanting to be more data-driven – how on earth do you make sense of it with data and analytics?

Or the important question is – how do you generate meaningful and Intelligent Insights that are actionable to help make business decisions? Or how do you ensure you stop doing things that don’t work and focus on the things that do work.

We help tackle tough data and make it simple and clear

At Strategic Data Central, we understand data and analytics may not be for everyone. So let our team of expert strategic data and analytics consultants help you.

We have 35 years of combined experience in strategy, insights, data and analytics, finance and economics across a diverse range of industries and organisations. We have worked with many types of business problems that can be solved with data and analytics.

We have experience in identifying valuable courses of action.

As ‘techy’ as we sound, our difference is that we make sense of data in simple and clear business language. Essentially telling the story of your numbers using Data and Analytics, Intelligent Insights and Strategic recommendations – in an engaging way.

Why we started

Elisa Choy is a passionate data evangelist and has created strategic advantage for large corporates using data and analytics.

Elisa started Strategic Data Central because she saw an increasing demand for clear and actionable insights within small to medium sized businesses.

Until now, it was only big corporates that could afford an in-house data and analytics team or an army of management consultants to do the work that we do.

That’s why it’s our mission is to make data accessible, easy to understand, and to build data assets that drive insight-led decision making. Decisions led by data achieve better results. We work with business to establish data-driven culture using our data solutions – The powerful combination of data (tech) and people (hearts and minds) can become a  strategic advantage for all business.

We act fast and play smart. We are passionate data nerds with a business sense.

Strategic Data Central was created to enable all businesses to achieve strategic advantage using data and analytics.

Are you Data Ready?

Curious to know if your business is Data Ready? Want to learn more about how we can help you work with your data? Get in touch with us today.