Insights from data: A recipe for killer insight ‘chocolate souffle’

Insights from data: A recipe for killer insight ‘chocolate souffle’

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  • 12 - 10 - 2018
  • By Elisa Choy

Insights from data: A recipe for killer insight ‘chocolate souffle’

Preamble...Let’s get into the Kitchen

Our point of difference is that we explain your data, analytics and insights in a simple way. People want to digest data in a meaningful way, so when we communicate 'a-ha' moments, we aim to be engaging. To give you an idea of what our process looks like, think of us as pastry chef cooking up your favourite dessert - the chocolate souffle (and who doesn't love chocolate?). The process of making these delicious light as a feather desserts is usually reserved for capable cooks. Leave the hard work with us so you can enjoy your actionable insights i.e. eating the souffle.

So, we create a Killer Insight Chocolate Souffle goodness by:

Step 1: Sourcing the right ‘data’ ingredients

Data is everywhere. These can be from your company (i.e. sales, transactions, customer databases, personnel records, consumer data, etc) or through external data sources such as the Australian Bureau of Statistics, banks, government agencies, etc. Know what Data you need

Step 2: Preparing the ingredients

Sometimes there's too much data, so there's a lot that goes into determining if it's going to be useful for the problem we're trying to solve. Just like flour, you may have to sift through the data to ensure it's clean with no lumps and bumps. A lot of preparation also goes into the data mix to ensure that the souffle will 'rise' which is all dependent on how the eggs are prepared. Know how to prepare the Data.

Step 3: Process

Once all the ingredients are prepared, you'll need to start 'processing' them and start the creation process. All the simple and raw ingredients will soon turn into tasty insights. Know how to process the Data.

Step 4: Expert Eye & Skill

Anyone who has made a souffle would know that it takes skill and experience in handling the egg whites. For those who are not very experienced in baking, it will be difficult to judge whether the egg whites have reached "soft peak" or "stiff peak" - it's the same with insights. How do you determine a killer insight from just a simple finding? We take the guesswork out of it. Know what to look for.

Step 5: Translator

Your data head chef will now present you with the insights and explain the ‘so what’ behind them to help you make important business decisions and grow your business. Know how to translate killer insights into Action.

So what’s in your data pantry?

If you’re looking to be more data-driven and unlock strategic and intelligent insights from your data, we at Strategic Data Central can empower your team to understand your numbers better in a simple, jargon-free way. We can help reveal intelligent insights that will help you get to know your customers. Take the Data Readiness Assessment. Contact us today to find out more.

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